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2 staying 1 leaving LO 1408 _RM48569 birds tree dawn 28v.jpga special place FW 0912 _MG_1871 river cs pullout 28h.jpga spring day in fla FLSC 1704 _5D48417-Edit.jpgafloat in the fog OF 0702_MG_6169.jpgafter the storm BT 1401 _R5D5242 dreamy snags 28h.jpgaged witness FW 1203  _MG_4142 old tree over water 28h.jpgalone at dawn CB dawn rays AD7883 1319.jpgascension PP 0901  _MG_1772-Edit.jpgatlantic sunrise CB sunrise ADRW1801 16 200v.jpgbeach breeze FB 0911 _MG_0939 blowing sea oats dawn 28h.jpgbeach ebb & flow FB 0709 _MG_0239 flow 28 300h.jpgbefore sundown FB 1205 AN2B8652 sunburst 28v.jpgbig talbot dawn BT talbot sunrise10 ASnf 28 300h.jpgblack creek FL black creek dawn1 ira ASf 16 300v.jpgblack friday 2013 FB 1211 RS7A0718 sunrise 28h.jpgblip KP 1007 _85R5268 water ripple 28h.jpgblue dawn FB dawn at beach ASf 1319 300.jpgbuon giorno GJI 0910 _MG_8979 sunrise 28h.jpgburning off the mists MI 0812 _MG_2902.jpgburning the fog BR r1D-1619 hot sun in fog 28 300h.jpg